Olay essentials – Refreshing Toner

So my skin type is combination/oily, I am prone to the occasional spot and struggle to stay ‘matt’ throughout the day. So through trial and error I have come to the conclusion that for me to maintain clear-ish skin I have to be quite regimented in my skincare routine.



A couple months ago I introduced this toner into it and I am now approaching my 2nd bottle! So a repurchase says it all.This toner is lovely, it smells fresh and doesn’t give you that ‘tight’ feel that some others do also it doesn’t smell like alcohol or paint stripper… *cough* “Nivea -pure and natural”

I use this more so in my morning routine sometimes in place of cleansing (a quick freshen up before my moisturiser) and at night after cleansing.

It claims it can be used on normal/dry/combo skin, so a good all rounder and it wont break the bank either 😛

Find it here: http://www.boots.com/en/Olay-Essentials-Refreshing-Toner-For-Normal-Dry-or-Combination-Skin-200ml_868260/


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