Bannatyne – Exfoliating Treatment Mask


I love face masks and I usually use one 2-3 times a week. I have a few different ones, depending on how my skin is at the time, or what I feel it needs. Tonight I used my Bannatyne Exfoliating mask, which I bought from Bannatyne spa in Inverness after having it used on me during a facial. I can only compare it to peaches and clean by soap and glory which msbudgetbeauty raves about and I’m currently on my 3rd bottle. She uses it as a mask, as do I now – that my skin has gotten over the initial sensitivity – anyhow… With this mask, you just put a generous amount all over your face – avoiding the eye area obv- and leave for 15-20 mins and as it was sold to me it ‘eats the dead skin cells’ lol. It really does leave you with soft smooth skin. A big thumbs up, but peaches and clean is slightly cheaper and does a similar job if left on like a mask.



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