Along came Betty by Tesco

ImageWhile I was away for the weekend with my sister she was showing me what was in her make up bag and I was particularly taken by a couple products from the Betty range, she had the ‘All Concealed – concealer kit’ and ‘Starlight Shine’. So when my mum called to say she was in our local (35miles away) Tesco, I was straight on the website to chose a few products for her to pick up for me.

I am so excited to try these, all products shown here are reduced to around £1.50 at the moment! The packaging is so beautiful, I think the ‘Along Came Betty’ range is Tesco’s answer to Soap and Glory. I am mostly excited to try the ‘Starlight Shine – Highlighter’ as I really wanted the watts up stick highlighter from Benefit but January is a tight month for all so will have to save up my boots points for that one, this will be a nice alternative until such time. Unfortunately the concealer kit was sold out in my local store but always next time eh?

 Has anyone else tried anything else from this brand? 

Find it Here


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