Nominated for a Liebster Award!!

So I have only been blogging since the beginning of the month, and already I am overwhelmed with the amount of followers I have, and when I get a comment on my most recent post from Michelle to say she has nominated me for a Liebster Award I was like OMG… whats a Liebster Award LOL. So after a little research and reading Michelles blog heres what it is:
 The rules for this nomination are:
  • Mention the person who nominated you & give a link to their blog.
  • Answer the questions that are given to you by the person who has nominated you.
  • Nominate bloggers who have less than 200 followers!

Here is my Questions:

1. What is your clothing style? (urban, classy,..)  Smart Casual
2. What’s your favorite make up product that you really can’t live without? Foundation
3. What’s your favorite place to travel to. USA
4. What do you really want to do in your life that you haven’t been able to do yet. Start a Family
5. What’s your favorite type of music? Hip Hop
6. Would you rather spend a lot of money on clothes or rather on make up? Make up
7. Are you a type that likes to go out a lot in clubs or rather have a cosy evening with some friends at home? Cosy Night
8. Who’s your favorite model? Don’t really follow modelling
9. Why did you start blogging? I had a new year resolution to start a new hobby
10. Would you rather go to concerts or to parties? concerts
I Nominate the following:
Lauren Price – Beauty May
Frances – Her state of mind
Nessa & Simee – Fashion Frenzy Chic



Face of the day 16/01/2014


Foundation – MaxFactor FaceFinity 3 in 1 – shade 45 warm almond

Bronzer – accessorize – Baked Bronzer, pearl sands with love

Blush – benefit throbb
(Can’t seem to find a direct UK link for this one, maybe it’s discountinued here? – had if for so long, I can’t remember where I got it)

Highlight – Along Came Betty – Starlight Shine


Eyeshadow – Maybelline – 24 hour colour tattoo, eternal pink


Mascara – MaxFactor – 2000 calorie Black


NOTD (nail of the day)

17 lasting fix nail polish – spring petal

Along came Betty by Tesco

ImageWhile I was away for the weekend with my sister she was showing me what was in her make up bag and I was particularly taken by a couple products from the Betty range, she had the ‘All Concealed – concealer kit’ and ‘Starlight Shine’. So when my mum called to say she was in our local (35miles away) Tesco, I was straight on the website to chose a few products for her to pick up for me.

I am so excited to try these, all products shown here are reduced to around £1.50 at the moment! The packaging is so beautiful, I think the ‘Along Came Betty’ range is Tesco’s answer to Soap and Glory. I am mostly excited to try the ‘Starlight Shine – Highlighter’ as I really wanted the watts up stick highlighter from Benefit but January is a tight month for all so will have to save up my boots points for that one, this will be a nice alternative until such time. Unfortunately the concealer kit was sold out in my local store but always next time eh?

 Has anyone else tried anything else from this brand? 

Find it Here

Superdrug/Body Shop haul


So I thought I would treat myself today as I am away for the weekend, first stop Superdrug. So I have eyed up urban decays naked palette but at the moment I can’t justify splurging on luxury cosmetic items. However I have watched a good few ‘dupe’ YouTube videos – so here is the heaven and earth MUA eyeshadow palette.

I also chose a nail polish from a new brand to me ‘B. Complete’ in the shade 044 sunrise.


The Body Shop has a ‘buy one get one 50%’ deal on just now so I actually really wanted to repurchase the vitamin C face serum but it was out of stock, as it’s quite a popular product, so I chose the face wash from the combination skin range – seaweed and a fragrance mist in Indian Night Jasmine which smells lovely.



Gatineau skincare set #xmasgift

Just a wee blog post on one my gifts Santa brought me. This gentle silk cleanser, toner and eye makeup remover by Gatineau. This is my first products from the brand, has anyone else tried anything from the brand? I’d be excited to hear your comments on this post and let us know your experiences with Gatineau.

I intend on using up my half bottles of stuff I have lying around (one of my New Years resolutions) before delving into this regime, however I have smelt it and it’s mmm :-).

At 400mls bottles, I have a feeling they will last me until next Christmas lol. It also came with the travel bag which is gonna be my new make up bag!


Bannatyne – Exfoliating Treatment Mask


I love face masks and I usually use one 2-3 times a week. I have a few different ones, depending on how my skin is at the time, or what I feel it needs. Tonight I used my Bannatyne Exfoliating mask, which I bought from Bannatyne spa in Inverness after having it used on me during a facial. I can only compare it to peaches and clean by soap and glory which msbudgetbeauty raves about and I’m currently on my 3rd bottle. She uses it as a mask, as do I now – that my skin has gotten over the initial sensitivity – anyhow… With this mask, you just put a generous amount all over your face – avoiding the eye area obv- and leave for 15-20 mins and as it was sold to me it ‘eats the dead skin cells’ lol. It really does leave you with soft smooth skin. A big thumbs up, but peaches and clean is slightly cheaper and does a similar job if left on like a mask.


New purchase – Luminosity Serum by Time Delay

I ventured into my local (small) boots store after the new year and was specifically on the hunt for a new serum as my last one ran out – Una Brennan Superfacialist Neroli Intense Serum (which smelt gorgeous). So I was looking at the different brands available and the sales lady was pricing things down to which Time Delay by boots was 1/3 off.

My skin although it usually quite oily, it has been looking dull recently so felt I wanted something brightening, I chose this from the Youth Maintain range- Luminosity Serum.


I shall give it a couple weeks off usage before I fill you guys in on my experience with it.. 

Olay essentials – Refreshing Toner

So my skin type is combination/oily, I am prone to the occasional spot and struggle to stay ‘matt’ throughout the day. So through trial and error I have come to the conclusion that for me to maintain clear-ish skin I have to be quite regimented in my skincare routine.



A couple months ago I introduced this toner into it and I am now approaching my 2nd bottle! So a repurchase says it all.This toner is lovely, it smells fresh and doesn’t give you that ‘tight’ feel that some others do also it doesn’t smell like alcohol or paint stripper… *cough* “Nivea -pure and natural”

I use this more so in my morning routine sometimes in place of cleansing (a quick freshen up before my moisturiser) and at night after cleansing.

It claims it can be used on normal/dry/combo skin, so a good all rounder and it wont break the bank either 😛

Find it here:

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