May 2014 ’empties’

Hey girls! Long time no post, I know!
I’ve been collecting my empties over the past month and here goes…


As you can see it’s mostly hair products, 3 shampoos, 1 mini conditioner and 2 detanglers (anybody would think I like to wash my hair a lot) but the Charles Worthington balancing act shampoo was in my stash for quite some time, I had forgotten about it and I had ran out of and came across it again, I also have the conditioner to match but still using it, I shampoo twice so I go through it quicker than the conditioner. All in all neither of the 3 the shampoos were anything to write home about, they did the job though and the raspberry Alberto balsam smells lush, usually £1 in most supermarkets!
The asda relax bath soak was nice, you get 750mls for £1 and it’s much and such the same as radox in my opinion.
I loved the Aussie hair insurance leave-in conditioner it smells divine and really does detangle your damp locks, I can’t say I am as enthused by the Mark Hill No Knots spray but I got through it eventually and now it’s time to try something new as my poor bleached hair does need a lil something something to get the brush through it! Any suggestions of good de-tangling sprays let me know.
The dove body lotion was nice but I as I say nothing to write home about, I have a billion lotions and body butters to get through before repurchasing and I don’t think it would catch my eye again tbh.
One of my favourite perfumes and my partners favourite on me is Davidoff cool water, I got a new bottle for Christmas so no need to repurchase at the moment.
I’m sure you have all used or atleast heard of the nice and easy colour seal conditioner, you get these with the nice and easy hair dyes but they can be bought separately and they are a good way of giving your hair a deep condition when your feeling the need.

Anyway hope that kept you occupied for a few minutes, till next time!


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